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GEO LITING is a destination that welcomes you to a well curated collection of lighting tools, installation ideas and the choicest products from leading design brands across the globe. For over 20 years, GEO LITING has dedicated itself to being the premier traders of modern and contemporary lighting by providing a curated selection to design-driven customers.

The collection offers you some of the most iconic creations by venerated designers, while on the other hand presents a range of the latest trends and technology. GEO LITING is your opportunity to compose and articulate your space with light and lighting, to create a heightened perception of emotion and experience.

We specialize in manufacturing lights for ceilings, walls, bathrooms, floor, tables and many others as well. Finding inspiration and ideas for how to light your home or project is half of the fun when choosing between lighting options. Find the perfect addition to your home's decor by shopping for lighting fixtures by color, material and finish. For ideas and inspiration, how to articles, top modern lighting guides, browse GEO LITING to enrich your lighting knowledge.